Thursday, June 5, 2008

What the F***?!?!

Okay I am getting a little tired of Nevada bloggers. I search the blog sphere for insight into the temperature of Nevada thought and action. But most of what I seem to find are rants against everything Jim Gibbons and everything George Bush. I have not read calm, concise, and concrete blogs that will state a point of view without relying on name calling and using bad language. It is as if because they DARE to use bad language on a blog they should be legitimate.

There is a true story out of the formerly (maybe soon again) Communist Russia where a group of children who were exposed to ranting and raving about how bad democracy was and how screwed up Christianity was and that anyone would be "out of their mind" to believe in those corrupt Capitalist systems. They were ranted about through grade school, middle school, and high school, but when they got to college they started thinking, "With all this ranting and raving we have been hearing all these years our government must be afraid of something?" So they checked it out, REALLY checked it out away from all the propaganda and became the leaders in the NEW Russian revolution to rid itself of Communism.

Why do I tell you this story? Because the more ranting and raving I see on the Nevada blogs the more fear I see of the OPPOSITE view. A calm, realistic exchange of ideas shows you have confidence in your opinion where a rant shows you are scared of the opposite opinion and need to rely on volume and not on truth.

Think about it. Calm, disciplined and healthy debate over substantial issues is PRO Nevada!

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